Volume 1

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Please note that the artist comments for pages 1-160 were somehow lost along the way.

Website Restored & New Comic!

So we had quite a bit of downtime for this old site, didn’t we? We were starting to think the entire thing was lost, but thankfully I have a generous and knowledgeable friend who was able to wrangle WordPress into submission and get things working again.

The original site layout is kaput (as that’s what caused the crash to begin with) and we noticed that somewhere along the way we lost the artist comments for pages 1-160. Another negative effect is all of the formatting for our previous posts is gone, and we just don’t have time to go back and fix outdated news posts from years and years ago. They’re still readable, so it’ll have to do.

But we’ve set up with a pretty new theme for the site and all of the reader comments are intact, so we thankfully didn’t lose much! Hooray! Feel free to read and reread to your heart’s content.

Another bit of news is Algy just recently started her own webcomic based in the Strays world, so if you’re interested head right on over to CrowsComic.com!

Kickstarter Update – Nearly Completed

Well, we’re long overdue for an update here, aren’t we? The Kickstarter was an all-around success and we’ve been busy working hard on everything that goes into it. You’ll be happy to know that, thanks to the generosity of readers, the epilogue was fully funded! It actually ended up being 9 pages instead of 8, since we needed a little more room for the script than we originally anticipated, but more is always better! And it also took a little longer to complete than we thought it would since the holidays really got in the way and impeded our progress, but I’m happy to report that we finally have the books in hand and have already begun shipping Kickstarter rewards. We’re currently working on the sketched-on bookplates, which will be the most time-consuming rewards to fill, and we’re also waiting on the full order of Holland’s swan pendant. We’re hoping to have everything sent out by the end of July at the very latest. Once all Kickstarter rewards are fulfilled, all items (including any leftover bonus items) will be listed for sale here in the online shop! So be sure to keep an eye out for that if you missed out on the Kickstarter project. And, for those of you who have been patiently waiting, yes, we still plan to post the epilogue here! We want the Kickstarter to be completely fulfilled before we do that, as we promised to our backers, so we’re estimating that (if all goes well) we’ll be posting it sometime around the beginning of August. We really had fun working on it, so we hope you guys will enjoy it! We know it’s been a long time coming, so your patience is really appreciated :)

Final Page Delayed

Well, today was supposed to be the final page of the comic, but we’ve made a decision and decided to delay it and go backwards a little first. There was a conversation that I cut out of the script for various reasons and I have regretted it ever since. I don’t want to take the final volume to print with any regrets, so we’re going back and adding that scene back in. It’s going to be three pages long and takes place immediately after Page 379. So, hooray, you guys get three more updates! Woo! We’re going to try to get them done quickly, but we may have to stick to the usual once-a-week update for these as well. It just depends on how fast we can do them. Next week might be a double update with the other two pages of this scene, but no promises ;) So, where is today’s update? You can find it here, the NEW Page 380! Edit Aug 28: The new Page 381 is now up here! Edit Sept 04: The new Page 382 is up here! This concludes the additional pages, so next week will be the final page and the end of comic Q&A!